Experience TaoYoga Arts ~ self healing, vibrant health & self transformation... 

TaoYoga Arts - Gateway to a New Life & the Unlimited You...... 

TaoYoga cultivates and awakens the "Qi" or Universal Healing Energy within the practitioner; 

Qi can be thought of as the underlying essence of all life and the very fabric of the universe.

The practice of TaoYoga is a Holistic Life Science which stresses self healing, 

and cultivation of the Life Force Energy or Chi.  

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Our TaoYoga Arts™ System we practice was organized, created and founded by Jesse Lee Parker,after more than 25 years of research and practice of Taoist Yoga,

Qigong, Healing Arts and the Internal Martial Arts. 

The TaoYoga Arts™ System is a unique and original style,

influenced by ancient principles of Taoist Practice and Philosophy,

yet arranged for modern people living in these complex times.

The guiding philosophy of the TaoYoga Arts™ System is Balance & Harmony with the Self and Nature - through gaining Balance & Harmony with Nature - Self Healing and Spiritual Development take place naturally. 

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